Flight: Inuvik to Ivvavik National Park

Ivvavik National Park is a Canadian National Park located in the northern Yukon Territory.The park was created as part of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement in 1984, between the Government of Canada and  the Inuvialuit, to protect and preserve the calving ground for Porcupine caribou. A small family run gold mining operation operted at Sheep Creek until they were evicted as part of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.


These photos were taken on June 24, 2021 on a chartered Twin Otter from Inuvik. Click on the picture to make it bigger, and click on the ‘Next’ arrow to view the next photo. More pictures will be posted later. 














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These photo were posted on my Flickr account (SteveSchwarzPhotography). I no longer upload to this account. The photos below link directly to the Flickr account. If you have any questions, or comments about  these photos – drop me aline, 


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