Interior View Greenstone Building

The Greenstone Building (also known as Government of Canada Building) was designed as a environmentally friendly building, and was the first building north of the 60th parallel to win a LEED Gold certification. Even from a distance, the four-story Greenstone Building in downtown Yellowknife can be recognized by its unique architecture.
Environmental “Green” features are incorporated at every level of the building, starting at the rooftop with a rain water collection for site irrigation and toilet flushing, solar panels and gigantic ‘towel rack’ (sun shield) on the entire south wall, together with various energy saving devices to decrease its energy demand, such as operable windows for ventilation instead of turning on on air conditioning, triple glazed windows, and high-efficiency mechanical systems to save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Materials used during construction include a many re-used materials, include by‐products from burning coal added to the concrete, and carpets created from old carpet fibres and recycled milk jugs and pop bottles.

The interior design is based on Yellowknife’s mining heritage, with stairs representing a mining shaft, and abrupt off-sets on the floor to represent geological faults.

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Camera gear: Nikon D700 and Samyang/Bower 8mm on a 7 foot pole. Four pictures were combined to create the panorama images.