The List – of things to do

We all have a list of things to do –

On papers, in our heads or in a electronic planner.

The lists of things to do – groceries, house chores (dishes, laundry, vacuum), make plans to meet a friend, more house chores (order more fuel oil, shovel driveway, get firewood), book a flight, and more house chores (fix a leaking tap, finish off kitchen renos, paint bathroom). You get it – we all have a list, and as soon as one item is crossed off – a new item appears; maybe even a few extra items.  The list is never ending. A non-stop conveyor belt of things to do –

Every notice that the fun stuff doesn’t make the list. !

The list is always the ‘must dos’ – not the ‘this will make me feel good’ things.

Creative time ?.  Put that one the list for giggles – and you know what happens.

The list is non-stop Triage – do the most critical items and work down.

Creative Time – As you can guess. It isn’t a Code Red, Code Blue or mission critical.

Life can go on and one without Creative Time.  Millions of people go through life without any Creative Time. They keep them selves busy.

But for some of us – missing Creative Time is Ok for a while. After a while -it starts to nag – As if saying ‘Put me on the List”…..”I am important too”.

It has been nagging me for a while….


A teaser picture – The “List” and the….Solution !.

Next week – the ‘Solution”…

Robotic Creativity

Yes – it has been a while since I posted here.

And – even longer since I’ve actually written more than a few words.


I could write about excuses, excuses and more Excuses for why this blog has been so quiet and dormant.

Roll back ten years and I was posting to social media every day. I was posting All-the time.

I started this website in 2011 mostly to show the 360 degree virtual panoramas. Over time, posts about techniques, cameras and travels. During some difficult days there were a couple of posts about more deep personal stuff – and these posts have since been turned off.

For me- writing isn’t easy.

Never has been and likely Never will be.

At work, I write e-mails in typical bureaucratic speak – It isn’t my words or thoughts. It is all crafted to comply with government regulations. All facts, No Emotion.

At work, I mostly write computer code; IF Loops, Else Loops. It is Java code – and Yes – i do drink a lot of java too.


I’ve stopped being creative. Stopped building, drawing, painting and thinking in a non-linear way.

Do it day after day and I start to feel like a robot.


I am going to try posting once a week – in a valiant (or feeble) attempt to kick up my own creative energy.

What do you do to get the creativity going ?



Lake Superior

The shoreline of Lake Superior is my playground. In this area, the beach is mine – mine to discover and mine to let my mind be creative. There are people camped at the far end, and they too also seem to be in their own mind space. There are no radios, no barking dogs, or loud voices. Even better, we are in a cell phone and internet dead-zone (at least for Bell customers) so we are essentially disconnected from the rest of the world. No need to check Facebook, Gmail or Twitter for the latest update. How awesome is that !.

In this small area of rock and pebbles on the northern shore of Lake Superior I have taken 100’s, maybe even a 1000 photos. Some better, some worse – all photos are unique. With digital cameras, who’s counting !

My eyes feel alive with the scenery; taking in all the shapes, tones and hues. Also my ears feel alive, picking up the faint chirp-chirp of a small shorebird around the corner, and the sound of small feet on the pebbles on the shore.

My hands, automatically adjusting the dials on the camera, and feeling the smooth wave polished rocks.

Click on a photo to view is larger.