About this Website

This is a website that is mostly dedicated to panorama images, which are composed to multiple image that have been stitched together. The panorama images will differ in degrees of view, ranging from 180 degrees to a full 360 degrees. Also included will be panorama animations that have a full 360 degrees, as if you are there – turning your head from side to side and looking up and down. These are called Virtual Reality panoramas (VR).

I don’t plan to update this website on a daily basis, and will add new panoramas from time to time.

Due to file sizes of the panorama images (100’s of Megs), they are shown in reduced resolution on this website. Contact me for full sized files.

If you have any questions, comments or would like a custom panorama – please send me an email:
steveschwarzphoto(at)gmail.com (replace (at) by @)


To view the panoramas you will need QuickTime or Adobe Flash Player to be installed on your computer. The site will detect automatically which of there two is viewable by you. JavaScript may also need to be “enabled”.

To View the panorama images, click on the preview image to open a larger image. Select ‘Back’ on your browser to return.

To navigate the panorama animations, click on the “Click Here” link on the main page. This will open the viewer. Click on the ‘full screen icon’ at the top right corner to view the animation at full screen. To navigate, use the mouse to click and drag inside the panorama where you want to go. Pressing the Shift key will zoom you in and the Control or Command key will zoom out.

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