Robotic Creativity

Yes – it has been a while since I posted here.

And – even longer since I’ve actually written more than a few words.


I could write about excuses, excuses and more Excuses for why this blog has been so quiet and dormant.

Roll back ten years and I was posting to social media every day. I was posting All-the time.

I started this website in 2011 mostly to show the 360 degree virtual panoramas. Over time, posts about techniques, cameras and travels. During some difficult days there were a couple of posts about more deep personal stuff – and these posts have since been turned off.

For me- writing isn’t easy.

Never has been and likely Never will be.

At work, I write e-mails in typical bureaucratic speak – It isn’t my words or thoughts. It is all crafted to comply with government regulations. All facts, No Emotion.

At work, I mostly write computer code; IF Loops, Else Loops. It is Java code – and Yes – i do drink a lot of java too.


I’ve stopped being creative. Stopped building, drawing, painting and thinking in a non-linear way.

Do it day after day and I start to feel like a robot.


I am going to try posting once a week – in a valiant (or feeble) attempt to kick up my own creative energy.

What do you do to get the creativity going ?



4 thoughts on “Robotic Creativity

  1. For me it works like this: start doing something creative, anything. Preferably with someone. Then after a short time, the ideas start flowing, and I usually have to contain myself from doing them all in one time . So I write them down and the next, planned, time I pick one of the ones written down. And I am not shy of trying new stuff I have never done before, although they might take more time.
    I hope you can find your creative flow again.
    T. Schwarz

  2. Time for creativity is a relationship. It requires dedication (also a dedicated space helps too). Once you get producing, you won’t want to do without. It will become the nag of the day that you didn’t find the proper time to get too it. I made a pact with my best friend that we would inspire each other, push each other whether it is a nudge or a shove to bring creativity to the forefront of our lives (as well as being outside as much as humanly possible). Because who better to motivate, captivate, brainstorm and be brutally honest with, huh? Ways to stay creative? Maybe set up a weekly reminder. Connect at the dedicated time and space for your creative relationship. Think I will try that too. Maybe tag my best friend in that alert keep the inspiration going.

    Very wonderful that you will make time to seek/shoot/stylize then write about it once a week. Keep up the great work Steve Schwarz Photography.

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