Circle of Friends

It is a tradition that a large number of Yellowknife women organize and participate in their own triathlon. It is not a typical triathlon with race officials, spectators, time clocks and fast transitions. The triathlon includes a 20km bike, canoeing and running events. Among other things, what makes this triathlon different is the lunch break – champagne, caviar, fine cheese, and of course the skinny dip in a secret location !. This photo shown some of this years participants at the start of the event. It is not my best panorama, the ladies were anxious to get going and back-light sun in one of the images washed out one of the photos.

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A circle of friends – ready to go biking…

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Camera gear: Nikon D700 and Samyang/Bower 8mm on a 7 foot pole. Four pictures were combined to create the panorama images.

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