Snowking XVIII

Snowking Winter Festival XVIII: Children’s Theater – March 3rd 2013.


SCH_2823 Panorama-2


A view of the inside of the Snowking’s Castle, during the Children’s Theater (March 3rd, 2013).  Click on the image for a larger view.


To view a 360 degree animation of this scene, Click Here. This requires the QuickTime Player. Click the icon on the upper right corner of the animation to get a full view. Depending on network speed, the image may take a moment to load.


SCH_2827 Panorama-2

Stage left:


For more info on the Snowking Winter Festival, Click Here

Camera gear: Nikon D700 and a Peleng 8mm lens on a custom monopole. Four pictures were combined to create the panorama images on this page.