My NEW Organizational Strategy: De-clutter My Space to De-clutter My Mind

For the past couple of months, I have been getting rid of a lot of things around my house. Having all these extra things is a burden. I used to have to move five things to get to the one thing I wanted. My closets and shelves were full of things I haven’t used for years. Having a cluttered house makes for a cluttered life.

Ten months of traveling with 2x pairs of pants, and 4x shirts, pair of running shoes, camera, and a laptop, and a lot more other stuff in my over-size and over-weight backpack that I lugged through 10 countries. Did i really need all that stuff ?. Now – back home, my closet is stuffed with 8x pairs of pants, 27 dress shirts and 5 pairs of shoes, not counting the underwear, single socks, and t-shirts.

While traveling it was easy to decide what to wear – the choices were limited. Now, as I stand in front of my closet, I find myself picking a combination, then another combination, switching  pants, then switching different shirts, and then, usually wind up wearing one of the same four pairs, and only 10 of the dress shirts – the others simply collect dust in my closet. !

The purge continues for all the clothes that I don’t wear. Anything that hasn’t been worn in the past year gets donated. The purge also includes books, magazines, tools, even computer and camera equipment. I could invest in new (and more efficient) organizing and storage products. But – Why ?. Why hang-on to stuff that you don’t use ?.

Now, on the fourth round of de-cluttering in the past six months. As I pack things into bags to donate I discover long lost treasures. This is an enlightening and liberating organization strategy; De-cluttering my space to de-clutter my mind.

Have you ever felt the need to de-clutter your space to de-clutter your mind ?. Let us know.