The Scare

Some folks like to be scared – they actually pay money to watch a scary movie.
Other folks get scared by walking on ice, take a rock climbing course, or try skydiving for the first time.


Then, there are the other things that scare us – like discovering a lump in our bodies.
The lump I found was in my arm. I can still hear the nurse say “You might want to get this surgery done in your home town because they will take your arm off.”
That was 22 years ago – and they didn’t take my arm off.


Yes – it was a bone tumor and back then it was common practice to remove the entire arm if reconstructive surgery was not possible or successful. Thankfully, in my case, reconstructive surgery was successful and the surgeons were able to chisel away the tumor and sew up my arm.


Fast forward to 2015, 22 years since the surgery and that pain in my arm comes back.
Was it the tumor coming back ?. Had the tumor spread ?, Would I need another reconstructive surgery followed by months of physiotherapy ?, or worse ?.
Yes – it was scary.  It is also the time to recognize who your friends are.


The friends that look you in the eye and ask really ask how you are doing. The friends that give you a spontaneous hug or come to your house. They helped by having a cup of coffee with me, they came to help with what ever had to be done, and helped to move furniture to make me more comfortable. These friends didn’t say ”  …if you need something – just call”.  They helped by doing, and not waiting for me to ask.


In the end, the pain was from a torn tendon over the same area as the bone tumor and where I had surgery.
It was only a scare – though now I know who my friends really are, the friends whom would have been with me and helping me if it was more than a scare.