Alaska Highway – Klaune National Park and Reserve, Yukon

Kluane National Park and Reserve (est 1972) in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory is 150 km west of Whitehorse. The nearest community, and the location of the Visitors Centre is Haines Junction, 32km south.

The Park covers an area of nearly 22,000 square kilometers of high mountains, icefields, glasciers, crystal clear lakes and spectacular wildlife (ground squirrels, caribou, moose, grizzly and black bears, Dall sheep and mountain goats), and includes Mount Logan (5959 m/19,545 ft) Canada’s highest peak.


The long road to Klaune. Nikon D700 and Nikon 17-35mm lens.

Our visit to the Kluane National Park Visitor Centre in Haines Junction (August 6th, 2013) coincided with a VIP visit by the Governor General of Canada David Johnston and Yukon Commissioner Douglas George Phillips (talking to my kids).



We camped at the Kathleen Lake Campground, and the next morning headed off to hike the King’s Throne Trail.



Checking out the very Fresh bear POO !!

The King’s Throne hiking trail is a 15km hike with an elevation gain of 1250m (4101 ft).


The King’s Throne is the plateau about half way up the mountain. The views from the Throne are of the surrounding valleys and Kathleen Lake are absolutely breathtaking.


View of Kathleen Lake and mountains to the north.


The King’s Throne, really a boulder strewn bowl created by glaciers.



Heading down from the King’s Throne. The trail is steep with many loose rocks and boulders.



The King’s Throne photographed from the day-use area on Kathleen Lake


Shoreline view of Kathleen Lake, with the King’s Throne in the distance.